• Two-sided insert offers twice the scratching board
  • Honeycomb texture mimics the feel of real tree bark
  • Made of 100% recycled paper pulp


The Catty Scratch™ ensures that you always have a place for your cat to scratch and fulfill his or her natural instinct to groom – other than using your furniture, carpet, or clothes! When you provide your cat a Catty Scratch™ cat scratcher you will fulfill your cat’s needs while minimizing potential damage to your expensive furniture and belongings. Even cats who are declawed maintain the inclination to massage and scratch the pads of their feet, making the Catty Scratch™ perfect for both clawed and declawed paws. Designed for use by domestic cats large and small, Catty Scratch™ provides all of your feline friends with an appropriate place to scratch and groom their claws. To further promote cat scratching on the Catty Scratch™, we include a bag of dried catnip to attract cats to the pad and provide an added incentive for them to use it! This durable corrugated cat scratcher is made of 100% recycled paper pulp, has a honeycomb texture which mimics the bark of a tree in the wild, and is two sided for long-lasting use.

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